Mobarak Unima

After two years of closure, Unima of Iran is begun again its activity in a different procedure. There is a long history behind the foundation of the Unima office in Iran and also great efforts and activities has been already done to maintain it active.  In order to continue these activities in its new round, we were obligated to detach the administrative structure of Unima from governmental supports to lean instead on the capabilities of its members and/or NGOs. This enables us to think productively in parallel with governmental organizations or to design a variety of activities in the field of theater and finally to develop Unima in those eras that are capable to be active.
These activities are aimed to change Mobarak Unima of Iran into one of the world’s canonical centers for Puppet Theater, reinforced with its own methods both in theory and practice.  
The theater society of Iran -and accordingly Unima of Iran- has concentrated its activities in Tehran but there exist hundreds of puppet rituals and theaters in Iran that most of them belong to the most remote regions. Then to cover these rituals we have increased our active members in the Unima office and meanwhile we have transferred the concentration of power and work from the head (office) of Unima in Tehran into its managing board and respectively from the managing board into different committees and from them on into our offices in different cities.
This was the most important thought and idea for reconstructing the administrative structure of Unima in Iran in accordance to aims and manifest of the Unima’s headquarters. Then everything should work in a more democratic way as every activity should be firstly approved by the managing board and in accordance to provisioned articles.
Opening of a Mobarak Unima office in a village called Deh cheshmeh in the province of Chahar Mahal –I Bakhtiari, revealed an enormous potential for expanding puppet show activities in Iran. Inaugurating of six other provincial offices was also in alignment with the national aims and ends of Unima in Iran.
We are hopeful that in the same domain of activities which are supposed for Unima in Iran we could be able to help the inauguration of other Unima offices in our neighbour countries who have a deep common cultural roots with Iran as like as Iraq, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
We are decided also to start some common activities with other Unima offices in Asia to fulfil the global goals of the Unima. There are many other topics that we can list here and should be considered as activities of (Mobarak) Unima in future as like as: defining an intangible price of Iranian Puppet Theatre in cooperation with Unima, revitalising and reconstructing of ritual-puppets and puppet-rituals, discovering other puppet organizations in the world, and introducing puppetry texts and references etc.

Dr.Hamid-Reza Ardalan
 President of Unima - Iran