the electoral process to select those persons that we want to run the UNIMA for the next 4 years (2016-2020)

the electoral process to select those persons that we want to run the UNIMA for the next 4 years (2016-2020) #1

Dear colleagues, dear friends:

 As every four years, the electoral process to select those persons that we want to run the UNIMA for the next 4 years (2016-2020), starts from now on.

 In a first step it must be our main concern to ensure that, according to our Statutes and Rules of Procedure, candidates for the new Executive Committee of UNIMA will be carefully chosen and subsequently proposed on a world wide basis, and for that we need your collaboration.

 We count upon you getting active in the process of proposing qualified people for the managing board of UNIMA. To make things easier for you, we have prepared a special Form to be used for each candidate (if you need more than one, please make photocopies)

 As you can see from the enclosed Schedule it is essential that this process is completed by the 15th August 2015. Please send the forms before this date to:


Margareta Sörenson

Strykerskev, 6


On a separate sheet we explain the various points to observe when presenting your candidate(s). In case you have any questions, please send an e-mail to the president of the Elections Committee, Margareta Soerenson.

 We are certain that you are aware of how important is to present the Candidates with seriousness as the elected Candidates will be who will guide our Association in the future. We think there is enough time for you to discuss names and possible candidacies in your Centre or in your Group and to inform us of the results in due time.

 We wish you all the best for this New Year. Yours cordially,

Margareta Sörenson

Elections Committee


 1. At the UNIMA Congress Meeting in 2016 in Tolosa-San Sebastián (Spain), the 18 members of the Executive Committee have to be elected. According to the Statutes six months before the Congress and as a part of the Dossier Congress, each country will get the List of Candidates that the Elections Committee has prepared and out of which the 18 members will be chosen by the electorate.

2. According to the UNIMA Statutes, the members of the Executive Committee can only be members for three continues terms of office. You have to take into account that Knut Alfsen, Annette Dabs, Nina Monova, Tamiko Onagi and Jacques Trudeau, actual Executive Committee members, CANNOT BE ELECTED this time, as they have exhausted the three possible (consecutive) terms.

3. The National Centres have the right to propose as many candidates as the number of Councillors they are entitled to have. To avoid mistakes you will find enclosed the list of the National Centres and their corresponding number of councillors.

4. As advice we will suggest you to don’t propose all the candidates from your own country. It is very rarely the case of being elected two members of the Executive Committee from the same country. So it is better to propose candidates from different countries, including of course yours.

5. In naming your candidates, please take into consideration the competence, international experience, languages knowledge and practical availability of the nominee. It is very important to be honest when the candidates present their data. It has been noticed that some candidates have not been as honest as they should be, what is bad for the Association’s life. Observe that any such candidate has to accept his candidacy by his signature, without this signature the candidature will not be valid..

6. It is very important, that the Candidate’s Curriculum Vitae is written in a clear and concise way so it does not exceed the space devoted to this purpose in the Form, ten lines maximum.

7. Please sign all the forms before you dispatch them by mail to the given address in Stockholm, Sweden.

8. We remind you that according the Rules of Procedure those Candidates Forms received after 15th of August 2015 or whose official postmark is after that date, will not be accepted. Please be respectful with the deadlines established in the enclosed planning.

9. Elections Committee members can not be candidates.   


Thank you for the trouble you have in naming your candidates. It will facilitate matters greatly and, so we hope, help to the democracy in our Association. 

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